Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Meditation is my Passion and my Treasure, by Narjes Gorjizadeh

Since childhood I was interested in learning and knowing about science, philosophy, and different cultures. No surprise that I became a scientist, travelled the world doing research and living in different cultures, to discover more every day.

But deep inside I was craving something more; there was something unsatisfied and unfulfilled within me. I was desperately looking for the answer on how to find real happiness; how to discover and bring out the real potential I have.

I was also inevitably being pulled more and more by the high pace of life and work and was stressed out. I reached a point where I needed to learn effective techniques to stay calm, and that was when I went to SoulCentre to learn meditation from Vikas.

Not only did I learn how to relax in my daily life, more importantly I also found the answer to my life-long question on how to find my true happiness. Vikas taught me systematically and in simple language the deep and scientific wisdom of meditation. Vikas taught me how to create happiness and peace within so difficulties in life would not negatively affect me.

Since I started practicing the meditation techniques that I learned from Vikas, my heart became calm. Through meditation, I learned to see the beauty in my life and around me, and appreciate the countless blessings that I have. Through meditation, and what Vikas taught me, I now know that when you find beauty within, you find beauty everywhere.

Meditation transformed me into a much happier and more positive person. The more I practice meditation, the more I see its benefits. Today mediation is a priority and passion in my daily life.

I cant thank Vikas enough for all the wonderful lessons I learned from him. I benefitted so much that I want to share this amazing life-changing wisdom and effective techniques with others so that more people can benefit too. That’s why I trained with Vikas to become a Certified Meditation Teacher with SoulCentre, and now I can help others to be happy too.

I am now leaving Singapore for Sydney to continue my research in physics, and I know that my hands are full of priceless wisdom – a treasure that I want to share with people in Australia.

Thank you Vikas for changing my life and giving me the ability to change others’ lives too.

Narjes Gorjizadeh
Sydney, Australia

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